Boundary Waters Outfitters

Exclusive Mouth-Watering Menu
Boundary Waters Outfitters uses high quality, fresh and freeze dried foods from Cache Lake's Foods and Zups Market. We pack the same foods when we're camping as found in our menu, so you know we have selected the tastiest morsels for you to choose from. To custom design your menu, place either an "x" or the desired number of days you would like that meal next to each item your group selects. Meals may be selected more than once. Every member of the party eats the same meal. This Menu is just for the food that will be packed for your trip. The First Breakfast is for the first morning on trail, not the continental breakfast before your trips begins!

Party Name: ____________________________________    Number of People: ____    Trip Dates: ____________________________

Pleased Note: Your first breakfast and last dinner are not included with your food provisioning.  Most trips begin after breakfast the first morning and return before dinner the last day.
How many people drink coffee? ____ am  ____ pm
Coffee Choice:  
__ Ground Coffee - Reg  
__ Instant Coffee - Reg  
Coffee Fixins' - choose total # packets for trip
__ Sugar Packets __ Sweet & Low packets
__ Creamer packets  
Other Beverages: choose total # of servings for trip
__ Hot Chocolate __ Hot Cider
__ Lipton Tea Bags  
Bread (for Lunches requiring bread)
__ White Bread __ Wheat Bread
__ Pitas - pitas travel best (no smooshing)
__ Rye Crisps - (less weight & bulk)
__ Granola Bars __ Raisins
__ Cookies __ Marshmallows
__ Trail Mix  
These are packed unless you specify otherwise
Cooking Oil Salt & Pepper
Margarine Trash Bags
Dish Soap Dish Scrubbies
Matches Toilet Paper
Kitchen Equipment supplied with complete packages
Camp Stove, Fuel, Cooking & Eating Utensils, 2 Pots, Skillet, Griddle (optional), Plates, Bowls, Cups, Collapsible Water Jug, & Rope for hanging Food Pack.
$25.00 Deposit on Cook Kits
They must be returned CLEAN! (Soot Free)


 __ First Breakfast Only (Second Day)
      Fresh Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, juice
 __ Hearty Buttermilk Pancakes, maple syrup, juice
 __ Northwoods Scrambled Eggs, hashbrowns, juice
 __ Hearty Blueberry Pancakes, maple syrup, juice
 __ Rib-stickin' Biscuits and Gravy, juice
 __ Hot Oatmeal with fruit, juice
 __ Trail Mix, beef jerky, juice
 __ Summer Sausage, snack, juice
 __ Peanut Butter & Jelly, snack, juice
 __ Cheese & Crackers, snack, juice
 __ Salami sandwiches, snack, juice
 __ Hot Dogs, buns, ketchup, mustard (First Day Only)
 __ First Night Only
        __USDA Sirloin Steak
        __Boneless Chicken Breast Fillet
        with: garlic mashed potatoes, corn, hot apple desert, juice
 __ Chicken Noodle Casserole - Delicious white chicken
        with tasty vegetables in a rich gravy over tender noodles,
        chocolate pudding, juice.
 __ Chicken ala King with Rice - Savory cream sauce over
        tender white chicken with peas, onions, carrots, celery,
        tomatoes green peppers and rice for a tasty entree,
        chocolate pie, juice
 __ Beef Stew with Dumplings - Hearty stew filled with tasty
        vegetables and lean beef, banana cream pie, juice
 __ Beef Stroganoff - Classic recipe of tangy sour cream &
        beef over tender noodles, hot apple cobbler, fruit drink
 __ Beef & Gravy - Fluffy mashed potatoes & tender chunks
        of beef smothered in a hearty gravy, chocolate pie, juice
 __ Fresh Fish     (provided you catch the fish)
        __ Fish breading   __ Lemon juice  __ Tarter Sauce
        __ Fresh Onions  __ Fresh Potatoes  __ Chocolate Pudding
      (select the items you want with your fish dinner)
Meatless Meals
 __ Spaghetti - Savory tomato sauce with beef flavored bits
       and tender pasta for a filling meal, banana cream pie, juice
 __ Macaroni & Cheese - Delicious three cheese sauce over
        macaroni noodles, vanilla pudding and juice
 __ Sloppy Joes - Yes, it's Vegetarian and good too!  Sloppy
       Joe with Pan Fryin' bread, vanilla pudding and juice
 __ Billie's Chili - Hearty chili with Red beans & beef
       flavored bits, chocolate pudding and juice

(desserts listed with dinners may change)

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